5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System For Cold Weather

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The transition between summer and fall can be more significant than you think, temperatures drop, leaves change color, and air pollutants increase. Unfortunately, one thing that might go unnoticed is your home comfort system. With the cool climate of fall right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start preparing your HVAC system for frigid weather. That said, there’s a lot to do when addressing your HVAC needs in cooling temperatures, but thankfully we’re going to cover all of it.

To live comfortably and have no issues with changing seasons, you must take care of your unit, and that’s what we’re here to help you with today! After reading this blog you’ll be on your way to making sure your HVAC is ready for any cold weather system that’s coming. Here are 5 simple ways to prepare your HVAC for the cold weather.

Conduct Maintenance and Clean Your Units

Whether you have a furnace, a heat pump or a multipurpose unit, it is important that you schedule a maintenance visit and conduct some DIY seasonal cleaning. Both tasks are easy to do, and both are great ways to boost your unit’s efficiency and prepare for cold weather. You can clean and enhance your system’s performance by yourself without difficulty, and a professional HVAC tech can optimize the unit for maximum output.

With all the numerous benefits these tasks offer, homeowners should be ready to roll up their sleeves this fall.

HVAC FilterReplace Your Filter

Once a season changes, change your filter. It clears up your HVAC, your ductwork, and your home while also preparing your system for seasonal transitions. It takes only 5 seconds to do, and can increase your AC’s productivity by 15%. The convenience and overall benefits are enough to prove to anyone that clean filters are a must inside any home!

Purchase An Upgrade

If there is a time of the year to take a day without heating or cooling, it’s during the fall. Temperatures are mild; not too hot and not too cold. It’s simply perfect weather to have your HVAC replaced. Imagine replacing an AC during the dead heat of summer or a furnace in the frigid cold of the winter. It makes no sense to put you and your family through that kind of discomfort.

If your HVAC system is old and needs replacing, now is the time to act!

Start Warming Up Your Heating Unit

Your home comfort system benefits from regular use; it keeps the motor hot and the system loose. That same principle applies to cars, appliances, and even the human body. Idleness for anyone or anything is never good, so, after your HVAC has sat unused such a long time, it may take a little while to work as it should. That’s why you should start running your heating unit in a few weeks and get it warmed up for fall and winter, and primed for use when the time comes!

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Prepare Your AC For Cold Weather

When the cold weather comes through, your outdoor unit will be at a greater risk of freezing over. The best way to prevent that is to change your refrigerant, clear the airflow, and keep it warm. Naturally, if it is below 60º, there’s no need to run your air conditioner, but if temperatures get lower than that feel free to put a thick blanket over it. This is a method gardeners use to protect their plants from frost during winter weather. So this fall, look into purchasing or making a blanket that will protect your outdoor unit from ice! It is an easy way to fix to your outdoor unit that will ultimately save you money!

Get Ready For Fall With NJ Air Pros!

The important thing to remember about fall is that it is a precursor to winter, a pause between extreme seasons. It gives you the time to conduct these simple tasks to make sure your HVAC has a smooth transition to the changing weather. Just imagine if one day it was summer, and temperatures were in the 90s, and the next day it was freezing outside. That would make the life for your HVAC very hard, so be thankful for fall, but be ready take advantage of it.

If you would like to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our HVAC professionals or if you have any more questions about how you can prepare for the coming seasons or how cold is too cold for air conditioning, call us today!

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