How to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

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Your HVAC unit, while necessary for your home, isn’t the most attractive looking piece of equipment in your backyard. If you are someone who loves to entertain outdoors, host summer barbecues or just hang out enjoy your own backyard you likely want to maintain a certain aesthetic. An HVAC is usually not part of that desired aesthetic.

Since getting rid of your unit is not an option, you may be looking into ways you can conceal the unit. There are a few different options to choose from. However, it’s important to make sure you do so correctly, so you don’t cause damage to the unit.

Things to Keep in Mind When Covering Your HVAC Unit

Do not block the air flow

This is extremely important! If the airflow of your outdoor unit becomes restricted and connect get the proper access to air you risk overheating the unit which can cause it to break down.

Allow Easy Accessibility

Regardless of what you use to cover your unit with, you need to ensure there is easy access for a technician in the event they need to come to make a repair. Either leave a clear pathway to the unit or use something that is easily removable.

Ideas for Covering Your HVAC Unit

lattice fencing around HVAC


Using a lattice fence to hide an air conditioner unit is a very easy type of fencing to install and a great way to hide it. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from to match your yard’s decor. It is also a great option due to the open slat design which allows for airflow, and will prevent your unit from overheating.


Similar to lattice fencing, pallets are another great option. This can be very cost efficient if you have some old pallets laying around and you can even paint them to match the unit.

Outdoor Privacy Screen

This is the more expensive option of the fencing ideas. These screens are usually waterproof which means you can keep them up all year long, and are easily removable which is why using screens to hide air conditioning units is ideal for many homeowners. You can find these screens at any home store in a variety of colors and designs.

ornamental grass


If you’re still searching for other ways on how to hide air conditioning unit plants are a great option. There are tons of options available to create natural “fencing”. Thuja, Arborvitae, Boxwood, Deciduous or Evergreen Shrubs and Evergreen Trees. Just be sure to leave enough space between the plants and the unit to allow someone to access the unit.

Whatever you decide to cover your unit with, it’s important to always keep in that you should never cover the actual unit with a cloth or vinyl fabric. Many people don’t realize that covering the unit may actually attract outdoor critters to make a home inside your unit. Your unit is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, and in the event of extreme weather you can simply place a piece of plywood on top of the unit and weight it down with some bricks to protect it without completely covering it.

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