Don’t Ignore These 7 HVAC Warning Signs

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Life tends to have a way of throwing some unfortunate circumstances our way, perhaps even at the worst times. From the daily inconveniences to major burdens, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all that’s going on. Don’t let your HVAC system become one of these major burdens by ignoring any of these 7 HVAC warning signs that may be trying to tell you to pay attention to your at-home system.

1. Rising Energy Bill

It is normal for energy costs to fluctuate throughout the year. The more demand that is put on your system when the weather reaches extreme temperatures results in higher energy costs. However, these changes should not be occurring inexplicably. If you notice that your energy bill is rising, monitor your gas or electricity rate, usage patterns, and the weather conditions. If none of these have changed significantly and your bill is still rising, it is likely that your system is not performing as efficiently as it should be.

2. Reduced Indoor Air Quality or Airflow

High-quality indoor air is a critical component to the healthy environment of your home. A warning sign that your HVAC system could be failing is if you notice your indoor air quality becoming worse. Although this can be difficult to diagnose, pay attention to any symptoms that you or someone in your home may develop, including irritations of the eyes, nose, and throat, mental fatigue, headache, airway infections, or a cough, as they can indicate poor indoor air quality. For an official diagnosis of poor indoor air quality, contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional.

3. Unusual Smells

Unusual smells can be a definite warning sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system. Specific smells to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. Rotten Egg Smell – If you smell rotten eggs, you most likely have a natural gas leak. This can be incredibly dangerous and should be handled by a professional immediately. Evacuate the home and do not return until the situation has been addressed by a NJ Air Pros™ professional.

  1. Electrical or Burning Smell – If it smells like something is overheating, there is a good chance that something actually is. Electrical issues can occur with the motor and various other components within the unit. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous to you, your home, and your loved ones, so it is best to play it safe here. Cut off all power to the unit and contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional as soon as possible.

  1. Moldy or Musty Smell – If you smell a musty or moldy smell, it is typically the result of mold. Due to the potential for moisture to escape from the unit into the ducts, it’s possible for mold to grow and accumulate. Since mold is unsafe to breathe, it is important that you contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional to investigate the situation and clean the air ducts to not only resolve the problem but also make changes to reduce the risk of it from happening again in the future.

4. Odd Noises

Odd noises coming from an HVAC unit signify a problem that should not be ignored. Grinding, grating, squealing, and any other noises that are unusual should be investigated. Finding the source of the problem is key. Sometimes the unit needs a repair, and other times it must be replaced. If you are unable to find the source of the issue, contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional for assistance.

5. Puddles

There shouldn’t be an accumulation of water around your HVAC unit. Whether it is a small leak or a noticeable puddle, it can create more serious issues that affect not only your HVAC system but also other items in and around your home. If you are unable to find the leak, contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional for help with discovering the source.

6. Unevenly Heated or Cooled Rooms

Temperature imbalances throughout your home can be a warning sign that the HVAC system is not functioning efficiently. This is more common among older HVAC systems. Poorly designed and poorly installed air distribution systems are often responsible for uneven temperatures in homes.

7. Age of the HVAC System

Knowing the age of your HVAC system can be a warning sign in and of itself. If your system is 10 years old or more, it is wise to be on the lookout for trouble. Typically, after 10 years of owning a system is when it is a good idea to consider replacing it. According to industry research, HVAC systems today are as much as 60 percent more efficient than that ones that were made as little as 10 years ago. The age of your HVAC system should not go unnoticed.

Think You May Be Experiencing a Warning Sign?

Here at NJ Air Pros™ , we are here to help you understand the complexity of the issues that you can encounter when dealing with your HVAC system. If you think you may be experiencing one of these warning signs or any other symptom that you think is unusual for your system, please contact a NJ Air Pros™ professional today.

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