Should My Furnace Fan Run Continuously?


It’s common for people to wonder if it’s okay for their furnace fan to run continuously in “on” mode and whether there are any benefits to this, or if it can be harmful to your system. Keep reading to learn about why you may want to consider running your furnace fan continuously and what considerations you should keep in mind before doing so.

What are the Benefits of Running the Furnace Fan Continuously?

A common question people have is “should I run my furnace fan continuously?” The main benefit of running the furnace fan continuous is that you will have better circulation of your home’s heated or cooled air. Homeowners who have larger homes or multi-story homes will see this effect more than those with smaller or single-story homes. Since heat rises, the upper levels of your home will tend to be warmer and the lower levels cooler naturally. Running your fan continuously will give you even temperatures all throughout your home.  By putting your thermostat to “fan on” mode will help even out the temperatures by pulling some of the hot air back down the stairs while simultaneously pushing some of the cooler, lower-level air through the ductwork and to the upper floors.

If you own a single-story home you can still benefit from running your furnace fan continuously in summer months since it will even the temperature in your home and prevent you from having noticeable hot and spots or cold spots, preventing it from running continuously in the winter.

Another benefit is for those who have or have family members with allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. Installing an air cleaner is a great idea for these homes, and the quality of the air will be improved by continuous furnace fan operation.

Drawbacks to Running Your Furnace Fan Continuously

One main drawback of have your furnace fan continuously running is you may experience slightly higher electric bills. Furnaces with high-efficiency motors, however, should not increase your electric bill. In fact, running your furnace fan constantly may even save you money since having more even temperatures in your home may result in the heat or air conditioner running less. It is also worth noting that starting July 3, 2019, high efficiency motors are required by HVAC manufacturers to comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) energy conservation standards for residential furnace fans.

Will Running My Furnace Fan Continuously Cause it to Break Down Sooner?

No!. Providing that your unit and system was installed properly these fan systems were designed to run consistently. If you are unsure about whether your unit and fan system is up to the task, contact us today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your system or repair your furnace.

When Isn’t It Beneficial to Run the Furnace Fan Continuously?

There are a few instances where if your furnace fan keeps running it is not a good idea. If your ductwork is in the attic is one example. Another is if you have leaky ductwork since this can damage your system.

If you believe you may have leaky ductwork give us a call today or contact us here for service.

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