Tips for Keeping Your Walk-In Freezer Clean

cleaning walk in freezer tips

If your business has a walk-in freezer, it’s vital that you keep it clean and maintained in order to ensure it continues to function properly so you don’t experience a disruption to your business operations. At NJ Air Pros, we understand how the demands you face as a business owner and how easy it is for certain to-do items to get shuffled around or even neglected. Keeping your business’ walk-in freezer clean can be the difference between having a properly functioning freezer, ensuring smooth business operations, or one that is constantly breaking down, disrupting your business, and costing you both time and money.

In this blog, we provide some simple steps for cleaning and maintaining your walk-in freezer which should help you avoid costly problems before they occur. 

Shut the Door 

This might seem obvious to some, but for others if your staff is constantly in and out of your freezer it probably seems like a hassle to keep opening and closing the door. In reality, keeping the door open, even just a little bit, causes the air temperature to get too warm which means the freezer can no longer regulate the temperature. This leads to condensation, as well as changes in humidity which can ultimately lead to the growth of mold which is a far bigger problem for your business than having to keep the door shut nice and tight.

Turn Off the Lights

Similar to the previous tip, while it might be tempting to leave the freezer light on throughout the workday since people are consistently in and out of the freezer, refrain from doing so. Lights produce heat, which means a light left on in your freezer can cause the internal temperatures to rise which can negatively impact the freezer’s cooling system. As we mentioned above higher temperatures can lead to the growth of mold. Additionally, leaving the light on for extended periods of time wastes energy and will cause you higher energy bills in the longer run. 

Keep the Floors Dry & Clean 

Keeping the floors of your walk-in freezer both dry and clean will help to prevent the growth of mold and will discourage bugs or rodents from going into your freezer. Spot mopping as needed is a good idea to ensure the freezer stays clean throughout the day, especially since you don’t want to have to distribute water all over the floor which can make your freezer slippery and dangerous for your employees. 

Maintain a Clear Drain Line  

It’s common for drain lines to become clogged with debris over time which means fluid cant pass through them. When this occurs, the drain lines can back up and spill onto the floor of your freezer. This creates the potential for these puddles to freeze which can lead to an injury should someone slip and fall. Additionally, the standing water cause lead to the growth of mold inside your freezer.

Keep the Gaskets Clean 

Gaskets that are dity or damaged are an opportunity for mold or bacteria to grow in your walk-in freezer. To help avoid this you should make it a regular practice to wipe down the freezer’s door gaskets with soap and water and dry them fully using a cloth. When you do this, it’s an ideal time to inspect the gaskets for damage and cracks that might affect the seal and permit warm air into your freezer.

Keep the Coils Clean 

Dirty coils in your walk-in freezer will lead to them overheating, which will cause the temperature in your freezer to go up. This can lead to issues with food stored in your freezer and lead to the growth of mold. You should make a point to clean both the evaporator and condensing coils at least twice yearly. Cleaning them is simple, all you need is some water, plain soap, and a stiff brush. 

Keep the Evaporator Clean 

If dust and dirt builds up on your walk-in freezer’s evaporator, it will prevent heat from escaping and cause the coils to malfunction. When this occurs frost and ice can build up in your unit. This often leads to temperature fluctuations where ice can melt and refreeze which can cause damage that ruins your food, and leads to higher energy costs and costly repairs. 

You should aim to clean your walk-in freezer’s evaporator at least 2-3 times a year using soap and water. While you might be tempted to use stronger cleaning supplies or chemicals if your unit seems to be particularly dirty refrain from doing so!  Evaporator coil cleaner does exist, however prior to using it you should check to ensure that the product is compatible for your unit and won’t cause any damage. 

Ensure the Area Surrounding the Condenser is Clear 

Keeping your walk-in freezer clean also involves ensuring the area around your condenser is clear. In order for your freezer to function properly, you need to clear the area surrounding the condenser of anything that can obstruct airflow. If you don’t have adequate airflow in your freezer, your condenser can’t function efficiently. 

Schedule Professional Cleaning & Maintenance

While maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and minor maintenance should be a part of your routine cleaning practices for your business, you should still schedule professional cleanings and mainteance appointments yearly. Maintaining a clean walk-in freezer is a big task and often comes with monitoring components and parts you may not be fully familiar with. 

NJ Air Pros’ trained technicians can help to keep your freezer clean, ensure all the components are functioning properly, and help provide repairs when necessary. They can also recognize problems before they cause serious issues. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service your freezer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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