Troubleshooting a Heat Pump

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If you use a heat pump to cool your New Jersey home, it’s important for cost and comfort’s sake to know what to do if it stops working. Although heat pumps are relatively sophisticated systems, there are certain things you can check to see if you can fix the problem yourself, or if you’ll have to hire a professional. Here are a few tips to help troubleshoot your heat pump.


Do Routine Maintenance

It’s often a moot point to try to decipher what’s wrong with your heat pump if you haven’t done routine maintenance. However, if you aren’t comfortable doing routine maintenance at this point, many companies offer annual maintenance plans to alleviate your concerns. If you do feel comfortable doing a little work, then start by turning off the power to the heat pump. After that, check all electrical connections to make sure they’re tight, and you’re on your way. If you find any loose connections or totally disconnect wires, it’s time to call a professional.


Check the Thermostat

Sometimes your heat pump is just fine; it’s the thermostat that’s causing the problem. Many times, the thermostat is off or set to a programming feature that isn’t providing heat. There’s also a chance that the batteries are bad, so replace them.


Clean the Outdoor Unit

Much like a traditional air conditioner, a heat pump has an outdoor component that contains a compressor. To work efficiently, clean all the dirt, leaves, and debris from around the unit. You can also use a Shop-Vac to remove dust and other debris from the unit’s fan blades. Just make sure to shut the power off first.


Troubleshooting your heat pump isn’t too hard, as long as the fix is a simple one. However, if you notice your heat pump behaving oddly, running inefficiently, or making quite a bit of noise, call the professionals at NJ Air Pros™ . We’ll send a technician out and have the heat pump running as soon as possible. Contact us today at 732-823-4036 to schedule an appointment.

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